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Parenting Is More Than Luck!

Some parents seem to think “parenting” is just having a child and that’s it. They think their job is over the moment they bring a child into the world. They think that’s the hard part. When it’s a baby or a toddler, they feed and take care of it, but when the child begins to walk, talk, and eat on its own, they think their job is over... But, boy, are they in for a surprise!  

Many parents allow their children to just roam free, practically feral; eating whatever they want; doing whatever they please; wearing the same clothes every day; not bathing or brushing their teeth; not being taught right from wrong; and basically running around as if they are capable of making choices and decisions about what they need or want, and then parents just cross their fingers for luck that their children will turn out all right. 

But it takes more than luck to raise a child. If we want our children to grow up to be happy, caring, successful adults, then we have to do our job as parents. I think, not only do we need to teach our children everything our parents taught us when we were kids, but we also need to teach them everything we have learned as adults – age appropriately, of course - so they will not only be better than us but will surpass us on the evolutionary scale. That way our children will have all the advantages we had and didn’t have. That’s what most parents want for their kids. 

Some parents believe a child in daycare / school provides them with the opportunity to have someone else parent or raise their child. I once heard such a parent say, “My child spends more time in school with the teacher, so it should be the teacher’s job.” Can you believe the nerve? Just because this parent doesn’t think they have the time to devote to raising their own child, they think a teacher – basically a stranger - who sees the child on a daily basis should parent their child! They don’t want the responsibility but think it’s fair to put it off on someone else just to make their own life easier, more convenient. 

But parenting isn’t necessarily convenient. It is a life-time commitment. It’s the hardest job anyone will ever do on this planet – and the most rewarding. Most parents don’t want someone else raising their children, their greatest gift to the world. To them, parenthood is a serious calling – the molding and shaping of young minds and lives. It’s the most important job in the world and when parents do it well, they don’t have to close their eyes and cross their fingers for luck because their children are the “proof in the parenting” (pudding). That’s our opinion. Share yours. #StartTalking. #ConversationStarter. #JustSaySomething.

Emily Harper