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Batter Up, Parents! June is Internet Safety Month!

June is Internet Safety Month 2019. And it’s no accident that this event occurs in June since it is, in essence, the beginning of summer, when kids are apt to spend more time online than at any other time of the year. Join Just Say Something in spreading awareness in regards to protecting children and teens from cyberbullying, internet predators, and other online criminal behavior.

While there are a lot of recommendations out there on how to protect children/teens from online dangers from purchasing software to filter/block content to buying child-friendly browsers, search engines, and monitoring tools, etc., these strategies are useless unless we talk to our kids about keeping personal information / photos private; inappropriate conduct, content & contact (sexting, bullies, predators, hackers, scammers, etc.); establish boundaries; set parental/privacy controls; and frequently check our children’s online activities, especially when it comes to playing online games, which can be dangerous.

Buying a lot of what could possibly be very expensive software is all well and good but technology isn’t always 100% effective, as we all know. But teaching your children what they need to know in order to avoid online peril is completely 100% full-proof. And, as parents, all we have to do is take the time to make sure we get it done and talk to our kids. So, batter up! Parents, it’s your turn at bat! That’s our opinion. Share yours. #StartTalking. #InternetSafetyMonth #StopThinkConnect #MonitorYourTeens #ConversationStarter. #JustSaySomething

Emily HarperComment