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It’s Park & Recreation Month: Creating Great Childhood Memories!

July is National Park and Recreation Month 2019. This event is designed to encourage families to take advantage of the fun and games offered by local parks and recreation. Just Say Something joins the National Recreation and Parks Association in celebrating this event because children whose parents spend more “hands on” time with them are less likely to smoke, vape, drink, use other substances, and engage in other risky behaviors.

I think, as parents, it is our obligation to spend as much time with our children as we possibly can. It’s how we help our children become socialized; model positive behavior / leadership for them; help establish their identity; counteract the bullies, naysayers, and bad influences in their world; how we get to know our children better and vice versa; how we strengthen the parent-child bond; develop / improve parent-child communication; express our love for them; and provide them with some great childhood memories that can be shared throughout their lives.

The very nature of this event provides parents with the perfect opportunity to spend time with their kids while helping them develop, learn, and grow. And isn’t that what parents do anyway? Plus, the only preparation parents have to do is load the kids and, maybe, a picnic basket into the car and head for the nearest park or recreational facility! It’s a win-win situation and your kids will heartily agree! That’s our opinion. Share yours. #StartTalking. #GameOnJuly #GreatChildhoods #ConversationStarter #JustSaySomething

Emily HarperComment