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Time for Parents to Provide Some Top Tools for School!

August is “Back to School” Month, a time when parents spend most of their time with their eyes glued to a list of school supplies their child will need for the entire school year. What a daunting task! School supplies for an entire year?! But I suppose if you have an entire month to run from store to store, checking items off your list, your child should be “fully school supplied and ready” by the time school starts. But heaven help you, if you don’t follow the list to the letter and end up buying an item that doesn’t quite meet the teacher’s requirements or if your child should unintentionally use more than the allotted amount of a particular item before the end of the school year. You could risk getting rolled-eyed, disdainful looks from your child because you didn’t stick to the list. So, make sure you don’t risk getting that exasperated look by taking your child along on these “school supply runs” just in case any “executive decisions” need to be made because what the store has doesn’t match what’s on your list. Your child may have a solution. Or, if need be, you might want to give the teacher / school a call.

Once you have purchased everything on your list, you are set for the year – aside from having to find the space to store your child’s “new school supply arsenal”. Sometimes you just have to make do by shoving it into a closet, cramming it onto a bookshelf or stuffing it into some extra backpacks or storage containers. Garage anyone? Is it any wonder why some people in America have a hoarding problem? Well, this “beginning of the school year consumerism” can’t be of any help to individuals with hoarding tendencies... And while providing your child with everything they need to be successful in school is important, it is not, however, the most important thing your child needs – which is you, your time, and your attention.

Because I don’t think parental obligation should stop at buying school supplies. It should also include helping your child with homework assignments and parent-teacher nights among other things….But what if schools required students to bring a parent “Back to School” with them for a day? It is my opinion that most parents may balk at the idea because they have to work every day; have a regular schedule of doctor’s appointments; or have to take care of many other obligations while their child is safety ensconced in school. But I think parents could benefit from spending the day at their child’s school…. Not only would they get to see what it’s like for their child, who is of the “digital generation” (Generation Alpha), to go to school but they would also get to see how their child interacts with other students, with friends, and with teachers and others in authority. In other words, it would be a good way to see if your child has learned some of the things that you have taught him/her. It would be quite eye-opening! That’s our opinion. Share yours at info@justsaysomethingsc.org. #StartTalking. #BacktoSchool #PreventACES #GreatChildhoods #NutureChildren #MonitorYourKids #ConversationStarter #JustSaySomething #Community #Parenting

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