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If You Support Recovery Month, Get Involved in Red Ribbon Week!

September is National Recovery Month, an event designed to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and to celebrate those in recovery. Although it mainly focuses on youth substance prevention, Just Say Something joins SAMHSA in observing this very important event.

And that is why Just Say Something has always supported local Red Ribbon Week activities every October 23rd-31st. Have you ever noticed the red ribbon your child wears home from school every October or the red ribbons on the Just Say Something website? If so, have you ever wondered what they mean? If not, you should…. Because it’s something every parent needs to know.

Wearing red ribbons began as a way to honor the sacrifice that DEA Agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena made when he gave his life in the fight against illegal drugs. Then as his heroic but tragic story spread across the country, it grew into a national symbol and, finally, a national event known as National Red Ribbon Week.

The red ribbon doesn’t just serve as a reminder for kids to remain substance-free; it’s also a reminder for schools and communities to initiate and/or reinforce youth prevention efforts in schools and neighborhoods; it’s a reminder for parents to do everything they have to do to make sure their kids avoid substance use until age 21 so they’ll be less likely to develop addiction problems later on; and it’s also a reminder that youth who participate in positive, substance-free activities like Red Ribbon Week are less likely to engage in substance use, juvenile delinquency, and other at-risk behaviors.

If you have never heard of Enrique “Kiki” Camarena and you don’t know much about Red Ribbon Week, it is my opinion that you will learn more about the man and the event by visiting Just Say Something’s Red Ribbon Week page. But don’t stop there. In fact, I think you should begin an ongoing conversation with your kids about the dangers of substance use, if you haven’t started already. Because the time to do it is NOW. While your kids still listen to you. While your kids still value your opinion. Because, unfortunately, the day will come when your kids will only listen to friends and acquaintances who are already using. That’s our opinion. Please share yours at info@justsaysomethingsc.org. #StartTalking. #RecoveryMonth2019 #RedRibbonWeek2019 #MonitorYourKids #SubstancePrevention #ConversationStarter #JustSaySomething #NutureChildren #Community #Parenting

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