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Red Ribbon Week

It all started with one man.


Red Ribbon Week

If you have every wondered how Red Ribbon Week came about, it all started with an extremely brave man who ended up giving up his life.  Below is a very brief version of his story.
 Enrique "Kiki" Camarena worked as a marine, a fireman, and finally a policeman. After seeing many of his friends get involved in drugs, he joined the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as an undercover agent.  After being captured during one of his missions, he was tortured and murdered.  Kiki gave his life in the fight against drugs. He gave his life trying to help others. To honor him, his family and friends wore red ribbons. As his story spread across the country, others began to wear ribbons, too. Now, every year millions of Americans celebrate Red Ribbon Week (October 23rd-31st) to remember Kiki and to take a stand - just as he did - against illegal drugs. Kiki set an example for all of us. He showed us how one person can change things.  And he became a hero. All he wanted to do was make a difference. We hope somewhere, somehow, he can see what a difference he’s still making today.  


Red Ribbon Week 

Every year Just Say Something comes up with trendy themes for Red Ribbon Week and this year is no different. However, this year, due to increasing costs and the rising number of students, only Red Wristbands will be provided to Greenville school students ONLY while supplies last. We must also ask for a donation of $50.00 or a written plan for a Red Ribbon Week fundraiser for Just Say Something. We hope you understand and know we will continue to assist schools to the best of our ability.

The 2019 themes will be printed on our wristbands and emphasized at our Red Ribbon programs for that week. To order your FREE Red Wristbands, Request a Red Ribbon Program, or view countless activities/lessons, click the appropriate button below. 

This year, we are hosting our 3rd annual, Red Ribbon 5K at Hartness Preserve in Greenville (29615) to kick off Red Ribbon Week on Saturday, October 19th. As always, we invite all runners and walkers to this event so we can all celebrate being drug-free together!

For any other Red Ribbon Week needs, give us a call or look through our Red Ribbon Notebook for ideas on activities for all ages!