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Nationally recognized curriculum.


Parent Enrichment Course

This parenting course at Just Say Something is nationally accredited and DSS approved.  This course works to help add vital tools to every parent's toolbox to ensure that their family can reach their full potential.  All course details are listed below. To sign up, please contact our office at 864.467.4099.


Transparenting (Co-Parenting)

TransParenting is a unique one day seminar-style class taught on Saturdays once a month from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm  The cost of the class is $50 for one parent or $75 for a couple.  The purpose of this class is to teach effective parenting strategies to couples going through significant life changes, such as:

  • The Divorce Process

  • Involvement with the Legal System

  • Changes in Your Economic Situation

  • Establishing a Co-Parent Relationships

  • Talking to Your Children About Divorce

The next “TransParenting” workshop will be held on October 26, 2019; and December 7, 2019.

You can only register online if you are paying with a credit card! If you are paying with cash, please call us at (864) 467-4099 to register!