Just Say Something
conversations about drugs and alcohol

Board Of Directors

Investors of the community.


Purpose of the BOD

Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who work to make sure that Just Say Something is running as smoothly as possible and all share a passion for our mission. We have an executive committee comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer as well as other committee chairs.


Executive Committee of BOD

Christine Butterfield (President)
Ben Pulido (Vice President) 
Holli Hargett (Secretary)
Cris Ivan (Treasurer)

Christine Burnikel
Zachary Davis, Ph.D.
Karen Hyatt

Board of Directors

Victor Austin Jr.
Robin Scott Blackburn
Julie Carson (Imm. Past President)
Eddie Fewell
Heather Greene
Cathy Griffin
Mike Guyton, M.D.
Jean Hall
Stalin Jaquez
Steve Loftis
Kay Logan
Marie Majaras
Ashley Messina
Jonah Messina
Jake Van Gieson