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“We want to say thank you for teaching our Mom. She has done a 100% turn-around. I hate rules but I guess they work.”
“Thank-you! My Mom is so much nicer! Lol, I am glad she came to your class, except we have more rules now.”

Teen siblings of a Back In Control Parent who presented Parenting Coordinator, Lynn Hooper with a gift and a card - a first!

“I realize that I was the one that needed to get “back in control”. My kids’ behavior was just mimicking what I was doing. Thanks to Lynn Hooper and this class, I have grown as a person and, especially, as a parent. Everything I have learned; I will put into action. Thank you, Lynn Hooper. You have equipped me with the knowledge and the ability to save my family.”

"Back In Control" Parent

“I learned so much from your Parenting Wisely class so that I can become a better parent to my kids and I thank you so much for that. We are all humans and make mistakes, that is why we need somebody to help us along the way.”

"Parenting Wisely" Parent

“I just wanted to say how you inspired me when you came to the jail. I saw you at the Sullivan Center and you’re doing a good job of informing us kids. We’re all pretty terrible people but I was really suicidal in jail and all those big talks about life and enjoying it and being drug-free, honestly changed me. I haven’t cut myself in months or done drugs and I just hang out with my friends and have a good time. I’m glad you took time out of your day to talk to us.”

Female Youth, Greenville Juvenile Detention Center

"The Strengthening Families Program changed my family for the better. The approach, strategy and the people you meet along the way makes the journey to being a better parent all worth it. My children's behavior has changed for the better, and we use life skills we learned and apply it in daily life. If you're a parent who is struggling with the many phases of parenthood, this is the the program for you. Non-judgmental, free space - all inclusive no matter what you're family is facing. I would give 10 stars if I could. God bless."

Laura McElysa, SFP Parent
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