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Red Ribbon 5K at Sugar Creek

When: Oct 8, 2023
Where: Sugar Creek Club House #3, at 119 Stonecrest Road, Greer, SC 29650

Just Say Something would like to thank everyone who participated in or sponsored the 7th annual Red Ribbon 5K in Sugar Creek on October 8, 2023. SC. Sponsors include County Bank Mortgage; Blue Cross Blue Shield; and the Carlson Family.

Every $1 raised for youtThe top three winners in the Adult Female and Male Categories include:h and families….

Girls Aged 0-9 Category:

* 1st Place: L. Forrest

* 2nd Place: H. Roberts

* 3rd Place: D. Mejia

Boys Aged 0-9 Category:

* 1st Place: H. Williams

* 2nd Place: P. Klein

* 3rd Place: F. Williams

Girls Aged 10-12 Category:

* 1st Place: N. Eastland

* 2nd Place: R. Mooney

* 3rd Place: P. Monnier

Boys Aged 10-12 Category:

* 1st Place: O. Pill

* 2nd Place: M. Peterson

* 3rd Place: J. Radice

Girls Aged 13-16 Category:

* 1st Place: S. Moore

* 2nd Place: L. Nabinger

* 3rd Place: B. Hoornstra

Boys Aged 13-16 Category:

* 1st Place: W. Becker

* 2nd Place: E. Barajas

* 3rd Place: L. Whittle

Boys Aged 17-19 Category:

* 1st Place: E. Barajas

CLICK HERE to view more race results

To learn about the 2024 Red Ribbon 5K, contact Phillip Clarkat 864-467-4099 or keep checking our web site.

Please remember to like us on our social media sites! #RedRibbon5KRedRibbon5KSugarCreek #SugarCreekCommunity #RedRibbonWeek

Thank you for supporting youth and families in Upstate! See you next year!

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