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Triple P

A Parent Enrichment Course

Triple P is a great program that has several ways to help parents one on one with specific challenges that they may have with their children. Triple P sessions are held on a specific day and time. At Just Say Something, we have three trained professionals that assist parents in the following ways. For more information, contact Mally Mitchell, Triple P Coordinator for Spanish speaking parents, or Kristin Seward, Triple P Coordinator for English speaking parents at 864-467-4099.

How Triple P Can Help You


  • The power of positive parenting
  • Raising confident and competent children
  • Raising resilient children to avoid at risk behaviors like the underage use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opioids and other substances

Discussion Groups

  • Hassle free shopping with children
  • Managing fighting and aggression
  • Developing good bedtime routines
  • Dealing with disobedience

Primary Care

  • For parents of children birth to 12 years
  • Meet one on one with one of our trained professionals
  • Focused on simple challenges (ex. consistent bed time)

Strengthening Families Program




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