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October 25, 2023
Both my grandmother and my mother were quilters. One of my most vivid memories is always seeing my grandmother’s quilting frame sitting in her den and watching her as she so painstakingly did each stitch by hand to weave these small pieces of clothing that were worn out and no could no longer be passed […]
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Lynn Hooper Talks About the Biggest Surprise She Has Received in Her Many Years of Teaching Parenting Courses!

October 18, 2023
I have been facilitating parenting classes for a long time, 27 years to be exact. Helping parents gain new skills to help them to be the best parents they can possibly be has been my goal for many years. You might say, as do some of the parents that come through my classes, “Who are […]
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It’s Summertime and Kids Are Out of School! Let’s Keep Them Busy & Having Fun!

May 16, 2023
I can’t believe school is almost out for the summer.  Where did the year go? The kids will be home all day. What will we do? How can I keep them busy? On those lazy, hot, summer days when your kids say, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do,” here are some ideas that I think […]
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Spring is the Perfect Time to Take Charge of Your Well-Being!

April 5, 2023
So, here we are… IT’S SPRING! (Ah-choo!) Yep. Time to put away the all-black wardrobe from winter and - OH NO - pull out the shorts and short sleeves! But what about those few extra pounds that - I don’t know - just happened over the winter? Hibernation is over. Maybe, I’ll exercise. Yeah, that’s […]
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If You're the Parent of a College Student, Read This....

September 22, 2022
If your teen is in college, you probably have more to worry about than whether or not they get good grades, thanks to the pandemic! So, please chevk out this “College Mental Health Resources” article and share it with your college student!
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Ever Wonder About the Affect of Technology on Your Children?

July 18, 2022
Then you may want to read the parent/teacher’s guide on CHILDREN AND TECHNOLOGY: POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS from Maryville University….
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Every Day Is Father’s Day!

June 28, 2022
Father’s Day, June 20th, is almost here. As a father myself, I always look forward to spending the day with my wife, children, and extended family. When I think about what a fathers is, I think about my father and how he took care of our family. He gave us rules, discipline, and showed us […]
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Is Mental Health Month a Time to Seek Professional Help?

May 24, 2022
May is Mental Health Month, a time set aside to increase awareness and reduce the stigma concerning mental health related issues. If you’re like most people, you have probably always thought of mental health or mental illness as something you just don’t talk about even with family, friends or medical professionals! But if there’s one […]
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Child Abuse Prevention Month Should Serve as a Reminder for Every Parent.

April 24, 2022
“IF YOU DON’T STOP CRYING, I’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!” “I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD, I CAN TAKE YOU OUT!” “I’M GOING TO SLAP YOU INTO THE NEXT COUNTY!” WOW! How many of us have heard THOSE words? I did. In all honestly, the first one doesn’t even make sense… But it […]
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Is the World Ever Going to Right Itself?

April 23, 2022
The terrible incidences of social injustice; pandemics that seemingly come out of nowhere; the rise in covid-related hate-crime; the impact of covid on mental health, the economy (gas prices), healthcare, and employment; the increase in family homelessness; the extinction of bees, birds, fish, and some mammals; catastrophic floods, fires, rainstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes; the melting […]
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