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Parenting Tools Are the Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children!

December 7, 2021
I’m taking the “Back In Control” Parenting Class for parents who are trying to get back in control of their teens. The other day in parenting class, the teacher paired one parent with another to role-play parent-child conversations on tough subjects. When my turn came, I played the part of a father, which I am […]
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It’s a Scary World Out There…ESPECIALLY for Our Teens!

October 27, 2021
Over the last 2 years, we all have been challenged in powerful and unexpected ways.  Whether it be financial, social, or academic, that challenge has brought learning for some and conflict for others.  One of the populations in our community that struggles most with conflict are our teenagers and young adults, and guess what: ITS […]
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4 Ideas for Replacing Negative Behaviors in Kids with Healthy Alternatives

September 1, 2021
It is often more difficult to reverse bad habits than to teach good habits from the start, but making a positive change in your parenting is always worth the effort. As you tackle the unhealthy choices your children may make, here are better, healthier alternatives to encourage.  Substitute Processed Junk Foods with Homemade Snacks Relying on […]
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Outdoor Activities and Outings Combat Substance Use and Other At-Risk Behaviors!

June 8, 2021
From vitamin D deficiencies and memory & concentration issues to youth substance use and other at-risk behaviors, the hazards of not spending enough time outdoors are vast—especially in children. To assist you in getting your kids outside and protecting them from the many dangers of nature-deficit disorder, we’ve assembled the following list of outdoor activities, […]
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