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It’s Summertime and Kids Are Out of School! Let’s Keep Them Busy & Having Fun!

I can’t believe school is almost out for the summer.  Where did the year go? The kids will be home all day. What will we do? How can I keep them busy?

On those lazy, hot, summer days when your kids say, “I’m bored. There’s

nothing to do,” here are some ideas that I think would keep them busy and entertained:

1.     Let your kids sleep later since they have had to get up early every day for school all year. Remember, they are growing and sleep is important to their growth and development.

2.     Do fun things with them such as play board games; go on a picnic; ride bikes; have a cook-out and let them help cook; have a family movie night to watch a fun, family-oriented movie together, pop some popcorn, and talk about the movie afterwards. Having conversations with your kids helps to boost language and brain development.

3.     Encourage your kids to spend lots of time outside. They need sunshine, fresh air, and time away from technology and social media.

4.     Make sure they read during the summer months. Take them to the library; have some kid-friendly reading materials at your home; and read with or to them, if they are young. Remember, they can travel the world in a “good book”!

5.     Give your kids chores to do that are always age-appropriate, such as making their bed each morning; putting away their clothes; keeping their room clean; and feeding the dog. This is how parents teach kids responsibility.

6.     Limit their screen and social media time to a minimum each day and night. Take them away and re-charge them in your room or they may stay on them all night.

7.     Encourage your kids to eat healthy. I think fresh fruits like melons are delicious during the summer and remember, water is a must to keep hydrated and feel good.

Happy Summer!

Written by Lynn Hooper, Guest Writer / Parenting Director, Just Say Something

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