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Every Day Is Father’s Day!

Father’s Day, June 20th, is almost here. As a father myself, I always look forward to spending the day with my wife, children, and extended family. When I think about what a fathers is, I think about my father and how he took care of our family. He gave us rules, discipline, and showed us that he loved us. One of the many qualities of a good father is being present in your children’s lives. Always spend time with your kids…

Like most parents, my wife and I invested a lot of time in our kids early on. Our children were involved in a lot of activities. Keeping kids involved in activities that expand their minds and condition (exercise) their bodies, keeps them balanced and well-rounded. I try to keep my home balanced by treating my wife with dignity and respect. I want my girls to know how a father/husband should treat a mother/wife. This is part of building their foundation.

However, like most men, I’m still working on being a good listener…

Being a good father is a challenging task. Luckily, I had a lot of good role models when I was growing up and I learned a lot from them. I try to cultivate and instill good character and values in my children. I also encourage them to set boundaries and have confidence in themselves. Self-love is very important. When we make mistakes, we need to say, “I’m sorry” and show our children that we mean it with love.

As a father, we need to help our children develop their own interests and give them the support they need. As a father, we also need to model the behavior we expect our children to follow and show their mother the respect she deserves because she is just as important as we are.

A good father teaches clear boundaries and consequences for poor choices, including the decision to engage in substance use. I think fathers should set the tone for the entire household, leading by good example and training their children so that when they leave home, they will be a good reflection of who God made the head of his home.

Written by Stacey Ashmore, Community Outreach Support / Youth Impact Sports

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