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Red Ribbon Week Tips For Parents

How Parents Can Keep the Conversation Going with Their Kids About Red Ribbon Week!

  1. Now is the time for a good family values check-up. Take the time to talk them over. Talk about family history and how you felt about tough issues and temptations when you were growing- up. Children should not have to guess about their family history; their family values; and their parent’s thoughts on risk-taking.  Now is a good time to bring up concerns about prescription drugs and addiction.   

  2. Talk about peer pressure. There is good and bad peer pressure. Good peer pressure encourages you to do your best at whatever you do, while bad peer pressure can cause you to make the wrong decisions. Remind your kids they are their own person and can make the right decisions.  

  3. Explain the importance of personal goals. Ask your kids what they want to do when they grow up. Tell your kids obstacles are something that block your way or keep you from doing something. Ask your kids what obstacles could keep them from achieving their goals. Remind them that when they make the right decisions, they can accomplish anything. 

  4. Role-play refusal strategies. Saying NO to bad decisions is easier after practicing! Show your kids how to say no to avoid a sticky situation. They can be blunt ("No, I'll pass."); divert attention ("Nope, I'll go shoot hoops instead."); keep their cool ("No thanks, it’s not my thing."); shake it off ("No, I'm not into that."); blame mom and dad ("No thanks, my parents would kill me."); blow it off ("No, that's nothing but trouble."); stay honest (“I don’t want to get grounded for life.”); think of their future (“I’ve got to study.”); make healthy choices (“Not today. I’ll wait."); and communicate clearly (“No. Just no.”) 

  5. Chat about your favorite subject. You can talk about anything you want to talk about, from your favorite ice cream flavor to your favorite box office movie or tv show! Every conversation doesn’t have to be serious. We all need to unwind sometime! Take some time out to be silly, speak freely, and debate why we like a particular ice cream, movie or tv show, etc.

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